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Women's & Men's Claddagh Wedding Rings

Irish Claddagh has represented love and loyalty for centuries, and now you can pass the tradition on in your family with one of our Irish Claddagh wedding rings. The first Claddagh Ring was designed by a captive goldsmith, pining for his sweetheart in Ireland. When he was released and offered women and riches, he denied the temptation and returned home to marry his love.

We aim to capture the love and loyalty of the original Claddagh ring in each one of our Claddagh wedding bands. Designed and manufactured by a master artisan in Dublin, you'll immediately notice the impeccable precision with which your ring was created. The intricate high-quality details will have you glancing at your hand again and again with admiration.
Each piece ships quickly from Colorado to ensure a timely delivery. Shop for individual rings or Claddagh wedding ring sets today!

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All our claddagh wedding rings made in IRELAND and hallmarked at Dublin Castle and it ships directly from Colorado, USA.