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TARA-RING-TD248-9   Tara's Diary Sterling Silver Trinity Princess CZ Ring with Rose Gold Heart - TD248 - 9
Celtic-Charm-TC4   Tara's Diary Sterling Silver White Enamel Claddagh Charm - TC4
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD215   Tara's Diary Stone Set Snowflake Bead - TD215
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD117   Tara's Diary Trinity with Gold Plated Trinity - TD117
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD59WH   Tara's Diary White Shamrock Enamel Bead - TD59WH
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD67   Tara's Diary White with Green Shamrock Crystal Charm Bead - TD67
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD68   Tara's Diary White with Purple Shamrock Crystal Charm Bead - TD68
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD107CZ   Taras Diary APRIL Birthstone Bead - TD107CZ
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD107P   Taras Diary AUGUST Birthstone Bead - TD107P
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD107BT   Taras Diary DECEMBER Birthstone Bead - TD107BT
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD128   Taras Diary Diamond Set Claddagh Drop - TD128
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD130   Taras Diary Diamond Set Claddagh Triangle - TD130
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD126   Taras Diary Diamond Set Shamrock Drop - TD126
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD131   Taras Diary Diamond Set Shamrock Triangle - TD131
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD127   Taras Diary Diamond Set Trinity Drop - TD127
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD129   Taras Diary Diamond Set Trinity Triangle - TD129
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD107AY   Taras Diary FEBRUARY Birthstone Bead - TD107AY
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD107G   Taras Diary JANUARY Birthstone Bead - TD107G
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD107RB   Taras Diary JULY Birthstone Bead - TD107RB
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD107AX   Taras Diary JUNE Birthstone Bead - TD107AX
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD107AQ   Taras Diary MARCH Birthstone Bead - TD107AQ
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD107GR   Taras Diary MAY Birthstone Bead - TD107GR
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD107TZ   Taras Diary NOVEMBER Birthstone Bead - TD107TZ
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD107PCZ   Taras Diary OCTOBER Birthstone Bead - TD107PCZ
Celtic-Charm-Beads-TD107S   Taras Diary SEPTEMBER Birthstone Bead - TD107S
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Celtic-Bracelet-SW44   Trinity Knot Bracelet Adorned With Swarovski Crystals SW44
Unisex-Claddagh-Ring-UG-CLAD38   Unisex Gold Claddagh Ring UG-CLAD38
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-US-WED33B   Unisex Celtic Warrior Shield Wedding Ring with 18K Gold Bead US-WED33B
Celtic-Wedding-Ring-UG-BR12   Unisex Celtic Wedding Ring UG-BR12
Celtic-Wedding-Ring-UG-BR13   Unisex Celtic Wedding Ring UG-BR13
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED23   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED23
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED24   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED24
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED26   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED26
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED28   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED28
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED29   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED29
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED30   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED30
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED31   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED31
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED32   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED32
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED33   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED33
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED34   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED34
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED35   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED35
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED36   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED36
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED37   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED37
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED38   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED38
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED39   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED39
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED40   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED40
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED41   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED41
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED42   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED42
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED45   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED45
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED46   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED46
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED47   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED47
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-UG-WED48   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings UG-WED48
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-US-WED24   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings US-WED24
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-US-WED33   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings US-WED33
Celtic-Wedding-Rings-US-WED34   Unisex Celtic Wedding Rings US-WED34
Claddagh-Wedding-Ring-UG-BR10   Unisex Claddagh Wedding Ring UG-BR10
Claddagh-Wedding-Ring-UG-BR11   Unisex Claddagh Wedding Ring UG-BR11
Celtic-Wedding-Ring-UG-BR3   Unisex Gold Celtic Knot Wedding Ring UG-BR3
Celtic-Wedding-Ring-UG-BR4   Unisex Gold Celtic LeCheile Wedding Ring UG-BR4
Celtic-Wedding-Ring-UG-BR6   Unisex Gold Celtic Newgrange Wedding Ring UG-BR6
Trinity-Wedding-Ring-UG-BR1   Unisex Gold Celtic Trinity Wedding Ring UG-BR1
Wedding-Rings-BG-BR31W   Unisex Gold Celtic Wedding Ring BG-BR31W
claddagh-ring-ug-BCLAD105   Unisex GOLD Claddagh Ring UG-BCLAD105
Wedding-Rings-BG-BR35N   Unisex Gold Claddagh Wedding Ring BG-BR35N
Claddagh-Wedding-Ring-UG-BR2   Unisex Gold Claddagh Wedding Ring UG-BR2
Unisex-Claddagh-Ring-US-CLAD38   Unisex Silver Claddagh Ring US-CLAD38
Celtic-Wedding-Ring-USG-BR3   Unisex Sterling Silver and 10K Yellow Gold Celtic Knot Wedding Ring USG-BR3
Celtic-Wedding-Ring-USG-BR4   Unisex Sterling Silver and 10K Yellow Gold Celtic LeCheile Wedding Ring USG-BR4
Celtic-Wedding-Ring-USG-BR6   Unisex Sterling Silver and 10K Yellow Gold Celtic Newgrange Wedding Ring USG-BR6
Trinity-Wedding-Ring-USG-BR1   Unisex Sterling Silver and 10K Yellow Gold Celtic Trinity Wedding Ring USG-BR1
Claddagh-Wedding-Ring-USG-BR2   Unisex Sterling Silver and 10K Yellow Gold Claddagh Wedding Ring USG-BR2
Celtic-Wedding-Ring-US-BR3   Unisex Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Wedding Ring US-BR3
Celtic-Wedding-Ring-US-BR4   Unisex Sterling Silver Celtic LeCheile Wedding Ring US-BR4
Celtic-Wedding-Ring-US-BR6   Unisex Sterling Silver Celtic Newgrange Wedding Ring US-BR6
Trinity-Wedding-Ring-US-BR1   Unisex Sterling Silver Celtic Trinity Wedding Ring US-BR1
Claddagh-Wedding-Ring-SU-SD21   Unisex Sterling Silver Claddagh and Trinity Wedding Ring SU-SD21
Claddagh-Wedding-Ring-US-BR2   Unisex Sterling Silver Claddagh Wedding Ring US-BR2
Claddagh-Ring-UMS-6339   Unisex Sterling Silver UMS-6339 Claddagh Ring
Claddagh-Ring-UUS-6335   Unisex Sterling Silver UUS-6335 Claddagh Ring
Claddagh-Ring-UUS-6337   Unisex Sterling Silver UUS-6337 Claddagh Ring
Claddagh-Ring-UUS-6341   Unisex Sterling Silver UUS-6341 Claddagh Ring
Celtic-Rings-LS-SL99   Women's Celtic Trinity Knot Ring LS-SL99
Celtic-Ring-LS-SL100GRCZ   Women's Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Green CZ Halo Ring LS-SL100GRCZ
Celtic-Ring-LS-SL100CZ   Women's Sterling Silver and Gold Plated White CZ Halo Ring LS-SL100CZ
Celtic-Ring-LS-SL101GRCZ   Women's Sterling Silver Green CZ Halo Ring LS-SL101GRCZ
Celtic-Ring-LS-SL101CZ   Women's Sterling Silver White CZ Halo Ring LS-SL101CZ

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