Gold PROMISE Claddagh Ring LG-PROMISE2 Love Loyalty Friendship - Claddagh Ring

Gold PROMISE Claddagh Ring LG-PROMISE2 Love Loyalty Friendship

Made in Ireland


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Gold PROMISE Claddagh Ring 2
Product Code: PROMISE2

Share your love, friendship, and oaths with the enduring tradition of a Promise Ring. Originating in olden times when betrothals were legally binding; the rings exchanged were given as a promise to fulfill the marriage contract. Now they can be given as pre-engagement rings, commitment rings, or symbols of eternal friendship.

Ladies Gold Promise Claddagh Ring LG-PROMISE2
Promise 2
This gold promise ring joins the traditional symbolism of an Irish claddagh with the meaning of a promise ring. Engraved with the Gaelic translation of Love, Loyalty and Friendship, "Gr Dilseacht Cairdeas," this ring will bind you to your beloved. This ring can be used to promise commitment, as a pre-engagement ring, or even to share a friendship that will endure the ages.
  • Made in Ireland by master artisans. Solid gold.
  • Face Height: ~8.3 mm (from bottom of heart to top of crown, slightly more than 0.30 inches.)
  • Band Width: 2.80mm
  • The Promise Claddagh Ring has the Gaelic words for Love Loyalty Friendship = "Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas" inscribed inside the ring shank.
  • Authentic Claddagh Ring!

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