A Guide to Popular September Birthstone Jewelry

September Birthstone Claddagh Ring

Have you ever felt the thrill of gifting a present that's as unique as the person receiving it? A gift that transcends the barriers of ordinary presents, bringing forth a personal touch that most off-the-shelf gifts lack?

Well, this guide will let you in on the secret to achieving just that with September birthstone jewelry.

Jewelry is more than just an accessory. It's a form of self-expression. It's a celebration of personal style and an embodiment of treasured moments.

When you combine this sentiment with the individual's birth month, it results in a present that is deeply personal and incredibly special. And for those extraordinary individuals in your life who were born in September, their birthstone presents a multitude of meaningful and stylish jewelry options.

Let's take a journey into the world of birthstones. We'll focus specifically on September's gem (the sapphire). Together, we'll explore its symbolism, the different types of jewelry it embellishes, and how to personalize it, ensuring that your gift is as unique as the person wearing it.

Let's begin!

Dive into the World of Birthstone Jewelry

Ready to take the plunge into the captivating realm of birthstone jewelry? Let's begin by understanding what it is.

Birthstone jewelry is a kind of symbolic jewelry that features a gemstone associated with the month of the recipient's birth. These gemstones, deeply rooted in history and lore, are believed to hold certain powers and symbolize specific qualities.

For those born in the chill of January, their birthstone is the garnet, a gem believed to provide safe travels. June babies have an elegant pearl, a symbol of purity. And for the lucky ones born in September, their birthstone is the remarkable sapphire, a gem adored by generations.

So, why choose birthstone jewelry? The answer lies in its inherent personal touch.

By choosing a piece of jewelry featuring the recipient's birthstone, you're gifting them something more than just a beautiful accessory. It's a celebration of their individuality and a nod to the month they graced the world with their presence. Now, let's focus on September's gemstone and see why it's so special.

A Look at the Symbolic Sapphire

The sapphire, September's birthstone, isn't just known for its striking blue hue. This gem holds a deeper symbolism that makes it even more special.

Sapphires are believed to symbolize wisdom, nobility, and divine favor. They've been cherished by royalty for centuries. From Ancient Rome to the British Crown Jewels, sapphires have always been a symbol of nobility.

Additionally, sapphires are thought to protect their wearers from harm and attract heavenly blessings. So when you gift a piece of sapphire jewelry, you're not just gifting a stunning gemstone. You're also bestowing a token of wisdom, a symbol of nobility, and a charm for divine favor.

Moreover, sapphires are associated with qualities like sincerity and faithfulness, making them a perfect choice for romantic presents. A piece of sapphire jewelry communicates deep love and commitment, a message as timeless as the gem itself.

In the next section, let's explore how this symbolic gemstone can be incorporated into different types of jewelry to make a perfect gift.

Types of Jewelry for Every Style

With our understanding of the captivating allure of sapphires, it's time to dive into the heart of the matter. Let's explore the versatile world of sapphire-adorned jewelry.

The innate beauty and symbolism of this gem truly come alive when crafted into a piece of fine jewelry. Given the array of choices available, there's no doubt you'll discover a piece that flawlessly aligns with your loved one's personal style, interests, and character.

Now, let's look at some of the popular types of jewelry where sapphires make a prominent appearance.


There's something incredibly romantic about a sapphire ring. Perhaps it's the way the blue gem reflects light, or maybe it's the timeless elegance that comes with it.

A sapphire ring can serve as an exquisite token of love, especially for couples celebrating a September anniversary. Styles range from simple solitaire designs to elaborate vintage pieces, so finding one that resonates with your loved one's personal style will be a breeze.


When it comes to making a statement, few pieces can match the allure of a sapphire necklace. The striking blue of the gemstone, paired with its inherent nobility, turns a necklace into a conversation piece.

Whether it's a simple sapphire pendant for daily wear or a lavish piece studded with diamonds for special occasions, a sapphire necklace effortlessly adds a dash of sophistication and elegance.


Bracelets are often associated with everlasting bonds. This makes them a perfect choice for a sentimental gift. A sapphire bracelet is an understated yet glamorous way to celebrate a September birthday.

Designs can range from a delicate single sapphire bracelet to a more ornate tennis bracelet studded with multiple sapphires. These versatile pieces can beautifully complement any outfit without being overwhelming.


Sapphire earrings are a versatile and chic gift choice. The pop of color near the face can add vibrancy to any look and enhances features beautifully.

Stud earrings offer subtle, everyday elegance, while drop earrings featuring sapphires can add a touch of drama to an evening look. Particularly for anyone with blue or green eyes, sapphire earrings can create a captivating effect, enhancing their eye color wonderfully.

Unwrapping the Magic of September Birthstone Jewelry

Choosing a gift can sometimes feel like a daunting task. But with this guide to popular September birthstone jewelry, you can find a thoughtful and unique gift that speaks volumes about your love and care.

At Claddagh Jewelry, we have some real stunners when it comes to birthstone jewelry. So whatever month the person you are gifting to is born in, you can browse here to find something special for them.