Pink Tourmaline October Birthstone Rings

You're looking for a gift for an October birthday, something that combines tradition with modern style. We have just the thing – a pink tourmaline Claddagh Ring. Opal may be the traditional birthstone for October, but pink tourmaline is quickly gaining a following as October's modern birthstone. Pink tourmaline, partnered with the Claddagh, rich in tradition and symbolism, creates truly memorable October birthstone rings that make great gifts. Read on to learn about pink tourmaline and why an October Birthstone Claddagh Ring should be at the top of your shopping list!

What Is Pink Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is a relatively recent discovery, having suffered from an identity crisis for many centuries. In the early 1700s, when Dutch traders returned from Sri Lanka, tourmaline was lumped in with other gemstones, like zircon, chrysoberyl, garnet and feldspar. Any stone the traders couldn't identify as either a ruby or sapphire was called "turmali." As gemstone identification became more sophisticated and they were able to classify the gems, tourmaline finally came into its own.

Where Does The Pink Tourmaline October Birthstone Ring Come From?

Tourmaline can be found all across the globe. At the turn of the last century, California and Maine were the world's biggest producers of gem-quality tourmaline. California was associated with pink tourmaline rings, while Maine's tourmaline stones were peach or mint colored. Brazil has taken over as the largest producer of tourmaline and can also boast the largest variety of tourmaline colors. Nigeria has seen a recent upsurge in tourmaline in unusual sizes and colors. Other producers are located in the Middle East and Africa.

What Legends Are Associated With Pink Tourmaline?

Much like opal, birthstone ring legends for tourmaline abound. Some of the lore connected to tourmaline is fascinating:

  • According to a legend attributed to the Egyptians, tourmaline became multi-colored when it took a journey across the rainbow, gathering various hues along the way.
  • Magicians in the Andes mountains created magical staffs to access tourmaline because it was associated with the world's ancient knowledge.
  • As a source of enlightenment, tourmaline was used in ancient Indian ceremonies.
  • An 18th Century Dutch scientist purported that tourmaline wrapped in silk could be placed on a feverish child's face to help them sleep.
  • Tourmaline has been said to alleviate mental and emotional issues, strengthen the body and enhance intuition. Its ability to inspire creativity has also made tourmaline a favorite with artists, actors and writers.

Pink Tourmaline In Fashion

The United States is largely responsible for tourmaline's modern popularity. During the gemological boom of the 1970s, designers started to experiment with different techniques and unusual settings, and tourmaline was front and center of the break with traditional gemstones. Its range of colors perfectly positioned tourmaline as the next big fashion statement. Ensembles of tourmaline stones were fashioned into matching rings, pendants and earrings. Today, you can get simulated pink tourmaline October birthstone rings, necklaces and earrings in Claddagh settings. What is a Claddagh? Read on to find out!

What Makes The October Birthstone Claddagh Ring So Special?

The Claddagh Ring enjoys a history that spans centuries. There are many stories, but the most likely tale relates to Richard Joyce, an Irishman born in Galway. To make his fortune so he could marry the love of his life, Joyce boarded a ship for the West Indies. However, his ship was seized during his journey, and he was forced to work for a Moorish goldsmith. Joyce learned the goldsmith trade and was inspired to create the first Claddagh ring. When he was released, he went back to the Emerald Isle and proposed to his sweetheart. She accepted, and they married. Thus was born the first Claddagh, with a heart to symbolize love, a pair of hands for friendship and a crown for loyalty.

A simulated pink tourmaline Claddagh Ring, rather than an opal Claddagh ring, is a modern twist on a classic Celtic tradition, making it a unique October birthday gift. Make it even more memorable by adding an October Claddagh birthstone necklace and a set of October Claddagh birthstone earrings to create an ensemble.

Caring for Your October Birthstone Claddagh Ring

Your October birthstone Claddagh Ring should be cleaned with care. Let it soak in a solution of gentle dish soap and water for a few minutes, then use a soft bristle toothbrush to carefully remove any grime. Rinse in warm water and dry with a soft cloth. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the difference a cleaning can make!

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Whether you're shopping for an October birthday, celebrating a special occasion with someone who loves pink, or this cotton candy color is your favorite, pairing a Claddagh ring with simulated pink tourmaline is a lovely way to add a splash of color to a classic Irish symbol of love, loyalty and friendship. Shop for October birthstone Claddagh rings at!

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