Caring for your Silver Jewelry

  • Like Gold, Sterling Silver jewelry is durable and will last but it requires special care as it is a soft metal and it will tarnish. Oxidation and sulfur are the most common causes of the tarnishing of sterling silver jewelry. Something as simple as excessive perspiration will cause tarnishing.
  • It is best to store sterling silver in air tight containers such as plastic zip lock bags with tarnish resistant papers. However keep in mind anything stored for long periods of time will still tarnish. So wear your jewelry. Some experts believe the naturally occurring oils in our skin will help to keep your sterling silver from tarnishing, but keep in mind we also perspire and this perspiration can cause tarnishing.
  • Clean your sterling silver jewelry with a simple polishing cloth. There are also many commercial dips you can purchase at local jewelers but these are for the silver alone, and not the gemstones featured on many silver rings including our Birthstone rings. So be careful when using these dips as they can change the color and luster of many gems. This is why we recommend polishing cloths vs. chemical dips.
  • We recommend as with any jewelry remove if you will be doing heavy work or gardening, cleaning with harsh chemicals, swimming, or getting into a Jacuzzi or hot tub. Sterling silver is soft and will scratch, be careful what items you wear next to your silver rings to ensure they are not scratching each other.